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Ethiopia is set to become the largest manufacturing nation in East Africa, beating the regional leader Kenya, as government incentives, such as cheap electricity, tax holidays and cheap land, attract investors in the industry.

The manufacturing industry in the horn of Africa nation has blossomed in recent years due to better industrialization policies from the government and has attracted investors while the Kenyan government has not laid out policies to boost its industrialization, leading to a near-stagnation.

Ethiopia has attracted investors from United Kingdom, Turkey and India who have invested billions of dollars in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the textile, leather, Pharmaceuticals and other sectors of the economy, The Reporterindicated.

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China Wu Yi, a leading Chinese construction and engineering company, is set to make an unprecedented profit of $85 million from upgrading a 25 kilometer stretch of road, the company revealed in a statement to its directors.
The revelation explains in part why many Chinese companies are scrambling for projects in Africa.
The profits China Wu Yi expects are over 100 percent of the estimated projects cost and more than the international net margins of about two percent for similar projects, Standard reported.

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A drive through the Westlands in Nairobi provides a bustling introduction to the dynamic real estate market in Kenya.
A chat with some businessmen suggests the need for more commercial property. Others say there are too many malls, but not enough residential properties.
Which properties are in need and which are overbuilt is debated on the streets. What is undisputed is the reality of a real estate boom in the last few years. Whether it is a bubble is an entirely different question.

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