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Health Care Design & Construction

From hospitals to research facilities, healthcare buildings are essential to the health of the world’s population, as well as medical innovation. Designing these structures requires a delicate balance of technical requirements with the needs of doctors and patients, but when done right, these designs can save lives

Developing and executing a health care facility’s new or improved design establishes the basis for safe and effective care within that structure’s walls. Like any construction or renovation project, it requires resources, education, communication, and collaboration throughout the process, which encompassing planning, design, construction, and commissioning, all these, provided by Mostaloy. When patient and worker safety are at risk, the stakes for a successful project are even higher.

What Makes Us Different

We Think Before We Build - Long before work on the jobsite begins, we do make a commitment to meeting your construction goals by going the added step of learning about your precise business objectives. We listen to your business needs as well as your building needs and translate them into a strategic plan, addressing everything from design, materials, and construction budgeting to scheduling, life cycle, and operating costs.
Mostaloy’s creative technical abilities and valuable industry experience enhance your construction project by minimizing potential financial risks and scheduling conflicts from day one. Integrating our unmatched expertise in the Senior Living/Health Care and Multi-Family Residential markets with the skill of talented architects, we collaboratively help you make informed decisions that take your job from inception to implementation with accuracy and ease.

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