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From concept and design to implementation and maintenance, Mostaloy is your complete wired and wireless technology project provider. Our focus is to meet your business objectives with nationwide technology rollouts, new and remodel store installations and cabling infrastructures. We provide a project management team to meet your business goals, provide superior reporting and ensure successful project delivery.

At Mostaloy, your business is our number one priority, without exception.

What Makes Us Different

  • Site survey – Mostaloy performs site survey to gather and record all the required information for the project.
  • Cabling Installations - We provide complete structured cabling services, including fiber optic cabling.
  • Equipment Installations – Mostaloy is experienced at installing a variety of technologies in the rollout environment e.g., generators.
  • Electrical requirements – We provide wiring services for all electrical outlets required. This allows for a single point of contact for all your low voltage and high voltage requirements.
  • Equipment staging – Mostaloy offers equipment staging and logistical services too. Mostaloy is you countrywide rollout solution, from a single-site implementation to a chain-wide rollout. We understand that every project is important to your business. We are familiar with working on technically complex projects under stringent timelines. We are experts at successfully meeting our customer’s needs on large-scale rollout projects.

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